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Paul met us in Spain and drove us to his place where we had tents in his back garden and spent the night. I'm not sure but I think we may have had a barbeque that evening (or was that at the end of the trip?).

The next day we set off to As Nevis to the river. The first thing we had to do was sort out the seat in the kiwi so that I could sit comfortably and have support behind. We canoed upstream and practiced. We then canoed downstream and camped where John named Symons Island.

The next day, we camped further down on a beach on a small island and the next day we met the rapids and went through these. Colin capsized in the rapids, but then I think most of us except John and I did. That night was when we camped on a small beach and crossed to the other side for our evening meal and spent time spinning around in the middle of the river.

John and Colin then paddled really hard to beach the trimaran as we were unsure how to get you out and we rammed the beach so hard that I fell backwards off the seat into the bottom of the canoe. I was so quiet after the fall everyone thought they'd done serious damage but then I started giggling.

The scenery was wonderful, so peaceful and tranquil, the trees and rock faces. At one point Jinny and I paddled into a cave.

Our last night, while canoing, was spent on Goats Island.

When we started to approach the sea the local rescue team arrived on the beach (whether this was coincidence or not I don't know). We then beached, took photos, and you and Jin did your canoeing (Stage 1?) exams.

On the last night, after we finished the trip I remember going to a poshish restrurant where we had a lovely meal and afters and the waiter was shocked (Mamma Mia) to see Colin finish a enourmous pudding and then finished Jin's pineapple.


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