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Snowdon Adventure February 1993

Day 1                                                     

We left for Wales after a day with Special Sports, trampolining and rock climbing at 4.45pm. We stopped at South of Birmingham to change drivers and also for a cuppa.

Arrived at about 11 o'clock at the campsite at Bedd Gelert and soon had the tents up, then we hit the sack!

Day 2                                               

Up early this morning. It was decided as the morning was clear, we would make the attempt on Snowden. So we had breakfast, cleared up and packed up everything we needed. On our way to Rhyd Ddu, John pointed out the mountain where the 'After Eight mints' advert was filmed (the one where ther servants carry the table and chairs up the mountain. Also filmed near where we were staying was the electricity power advert where the pylons walk across the hills.

We started our walk at Rhyd Ddu at 10.30 am. The first part of the walk went smoothly except for a couple of breathers. About midday we stopped to have something to eat and drink and a short break. We were almost half-way to the summit. the next part of the expedition was going to be the hardest bit for me. The weather on the hills was still and mild, much of it being in cloud.

As we Continued the journey up the hill got steeper at times and I got more out of breathe as we went up and I had to stop at times to have a breather.

Five hours later we succeeded what we set out to do. Penny was the first to set foot on the summit out of the four of us and I was the second. I was exhausted and nackered, but overjoyed and relieved at setting foot on the summit. While I sat on the centre point nibbling a bit of choclate, John and Mick took photographs and found a bit of summit rock for me to take back. Sadly it was to misty to have a good view around, but being on the highest peak in England and Wales that was something in itself.

It was getting chilly and late and started heading down before it got dark. We took the Snowden Ranger route back down. By this  time my legs were aching.

We got a good view from Clogwyn Clur Arddiu, a rock that climbers use. I walked down to the edge of it and nearly disappeared over the side. We finally arrived at Rhyd Ddu, not where we started, at 6 o'clock. John, Penny and I waited by a car park while Mick ran up to the other car park to get the car. By now all the lower part of my body was aching and I was exhausted.

After we got back to camp John put the stew on to cook (and the rice) and the wacked out and exhausted me went for a lie down. After dinner we cleared up then went off down the pub for a couple of hours, then came back and hit the sack.


  I woke up at 8.30am after a slightly restless night

After breakfast, cleaned up (ourselves as well) we drove into Bedd Gelert to start our second walking expedition, though not as long as yesterday's one. We took the Pont Aberglaslyn path. Up along the river and through an old railway tunnel. Then we went upwards which got a bit steep for a while. We eventually came across a couple of old copper mines which we went in to have a look at.

Once we got to the top of the mountains we could see for miles.

The scenery was excellent and once we got around the mountains we could see Bedd Gelert. We took the Cwm Buchan route down to the village which took us a good hour or so. Once back in the village we went to cafe for a snack, then went to get some groceries and went back to camp for dinner. We had stew again with mash this time.

After dinner we cleared up (or rather John and Mick did the washing up) and then we all spent several minutes gazing at the night sky admiring the stars. We then went off to the pub for the evening. We came back after a couple of hours and went to bed.

Day 4

Up at 7 O'clock after another restless night and It was a cold morning and I put on an extra layer of cloths

After breakfast we started packing home. John was going to meet up with a couple of his friends somewhere and go on to Scotland.

As the morning was clear, we could see the top of the mountains from where we were camping but not Snowden.

It was after we left the campsite, just down the road we the summit of Snowden so we stopped and took photos. We could even see the summit station.

After dropping John off to meet his friends we set off on our long journey to Kent via London to drop Penny off. The journey took about five and a half hours.


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